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The good guys wear the white hat. That's us. We are law firm website designers who do things right. We don't get banned from Google (it's the black hat guys who get banned!) for doing things hastily or trying to fool the search engines. When we create a website we do so from scratch - everything is customized. Our team takes pride in creating an entire website from the ground up.

Good websites are not just what you SEE. Good websites are also what you DON'T see - what's behind the scenes, written into the html. Good websites have outstanding SEO that makes them visible to the search engines. Good websites know what people want.

What Our Website Team Does to Create a Successful Web Site

There are many things that have to be done to create a successful website. Here are some of the main things we consider important:

  • Customize the website - no cookie cutter sites
  • Use appropriate and relevant keywords
  • Minimize clicking - make it easy to navigate
  • Use a domain name with keywords
  • Give you advice about your domain - age, purchase history and more
  • Use appropriate images
  • Optimize images
  • Include a favicon
  • Use simple and concise words in the content
  • Make the page interesting to the reader
  • Link to other sites

Not every website developer takes the time to make sure these points are covered. Without this attention to detail your web site is doomed to fail. Make sure that any developer that you hire has this approach to putting together a successful website.

Our team includes that "little touch of class" that makes us different from the other website developers. We LISTEN to you and find out what makes you happy. Maintaining a good relationship with our clients is a priority. In addition, our quick turnaround and affordable prices make us the legal firm website team you need for success.

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