Attorney Web Site SEO Tips

Tip: A clean website history
The age of your domain name and its history will get higher rankings with Google.  it is believed Google will rank your site higher if you buy the domain name for five or ten years as opposed to the standard one or two years.

Also, if your domain name has been used by spammers before, you might still suffer from the ranking penalties that have been applied to the previous content.

Tip: Don’t try and fool Google
Google wants to return the most relevant web pages and the best answer to a search query. If you try to get a high ranking for a keyword for which your web page isn’t really relevant then you won’t get good results and you might be accused of spamming. Make sure that your web pages will answer the questions of people who search for your keyword. The better your web pages match the interest of the web searchers the better rankings you will get.

Tip: Show Google your site is relevant
Your website should be relevant to its keywords. A website about Orlando personal injury lawyers wouldn’t want high rankings for a keyword such as “Florida vacation rentals”. The keyword phrase “Orlando personal injury lawyers” would be more acceptable.

Google wants to know if your web page is relevant for the keywords. You have to optimize your web pages in a way that Google can easily index and find out what your website is about. Consider the following elements when optimizing your web pages:

  • The URL structure
  • The title tag
  • meta description tag
  • meta keywords tag
  • The body text
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag
  • Image alt attributes
  • Internal linking structure of your site
  • The outbound links
  • Many other factors in the HTML code of your web pages

Each element contains keywords or keyword phrases that show Google that your website is relevant for that keyword. Don’t overstuff keywords that can get your website banned from Google’s search results. It’s important that you optimize the right elements and that you insert your keywords in the right frequency.

Tip: Google wants other relevant sites to link to yours

Google heavily relies on the links pointing to your website. The more websites that link to your website, the more visible it will be to Google. Those links must be relevant. If a website that is about personal injury lawyers links to your “Orlando personal injury lawyer ” website then this will have a bigger effect on your search engine rankings than a link from a vacation rental website.

A link from a web page that only links personal injury related web pages is also more valuable than a link from a web page that links to all kind of pages. Getting the right links is crucial if you want to get on Google’s first result page.

If you follow the rules above and change your web pages accordingly, your website will get top rankings on Google. It cannot be done over night but it’s definitely something that can be done within a few weeks if you do the right things.

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