Lawyer Content Writing Tips

Did you know that search engines and visitors to your site are a lot alike?  They read the text on your page to figure out what you have to offer?

The copy on your web site is very important to achieving better search engine results.   Research has shown that visitors to your site are impatient, and want to get information quick.  They don’t enjoy scrolling through tons of text.

There are millions of other websites, and if they don’t get the information they need they will quickly move on to another site.  That’s why web content has to be attention getting, to the point and pleasurable to read.

When writing your content for a law firm or a lawyer website, consider the following Content Writing Tips:

  • Use simple words
  • Use short sentences
  • Use Short paragraphs
  • Use fewer words to say more
  • Use bulleted lists when possible
  • Use highlighted, bold or color text
  • Make your most important point first
  • Use meaningful headlines and subheads
  • Include your most important keyword phrases

For best results, we recommend that each page you submit to search engines have at least 250 to 400 words of copy on it.   Don’t forget to include your most important keywords phrases. The recommended key words density is 3-7%, which means your keyword should repeat 3-7 times per every 100 words.

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