A well-defined domain name can provide tremendous advantages for an online business, including the added benefit of boosting your performance in the search engines. Easily-recognized domains can convey professionalism and trust to search engines and users.

Domain names are often thought to be less valuable if they include more than two or three words when actually, longer domain names tend to be significantly more valuable and more specific than shorter domains. For example, may be easy to remember; however, it is also very generic. Whereas the longer domain name defines the type of law and location.

When considering what domain names to purchase, select domain names that contain relevant keywords. When purchasing domain try to purchase the domain name with and without hyphens. For example the domain name and the hyphenated version  Hyphens separate the keywords and make it simple for Google to index your site and to determine what you site is all about.

If your budget allows, purchase several domain names with relevant keywords and add them to your domain name portfolio.  The more domain names you possess in your portfolio the less likely your competitor will purchase a similar domain name and build a website on it that draws traffic away from your site.