Internet Marketing


If you’re like most attorneys, you’ve worked with other internet marketing companies before but they have failed to deliver consistent business through the internet. There are three common elements to every successful law firm internet marketing campaign, all of which are vital to the success of your website:

  • High ranking on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Graphically appealing website design that keeps visitors on your site.
  • Professional website content that convinces a visitor to contact your firm.

Attorney Website Designers understands the legal industry and it helps us in creating customized Internet marketing campaigns that will help your law firm generate the types of cases you are targeting online. We know what search terms your potential clients are using as a result of in depth analysis of keyword databases that include millions of search phrases that are used online. Our ability to get the websites we market high visibility on the internet for those search phrases is the key to our success.

Why Does Your Law Firm Need Our Web Site Marketing Skills?

If your site does not have 1st page ranking on major search engines like Google, you will not generate consistent new business through the internet. Many lawyer marketing companies offer guarantees of first page visibility but they are generally talking about paid search marketing such as Google Adwords. While that can be an effective method of advertising your law firm, only 30% of web visitors click on sponsored (paid) advertising links. Natural, (Organic SEO) rankings drive the best results and natural search engine optimization is what we do best!