Marketing for Lawyers


Attorney Website Designers knows that it is crucial to a website’s marketing strategy to design specifically targeted websites. Web sites that highlight a lawyer’s particular niche capture potential clients who are seeking more of a specialist than that of a generalist.

Targeted Internet Marketing
More and more potential clients search on the internet for a specialist that focuses on their specific need. Attorney Website Designers recommends building, writing, and optimizing a website for a single area of practice or target market, which has been proven to be more successful in search engine results than those of a broader scope.

Professional Designs
Professionally created designs that capture your viewer’s attention is crucial. The viewer judges the professionalism of your law firm by the design of the website. An unattractive and confusing site will have your potential clients searching elsewhere.

Remember, this website is for your client, not for you. You may like bold and strange color combinations, but keeping your website appealing to everyone, not just you, is of utmost importance.

Targeted Content
Focused content is also crucial to a websites’ success. The content regarding your practice area plays a large role in the natural placement within major search engines.

Here are three important ways to make sure your website reaches the target audience:

  • Know your clients. Understanding their needs is basic marketing. Deliver specific information targeted to their needs rather than generic content that reaches nobody.
  • Find the optimal keywords. Do some brainstorming and compile a list of concepts and phrases. Look at keywords from the perspective of the searcher.
  • Use specific optimization. Make sure you have enough text to support your keyword phrases. This will help the search engines understand and correctly rank your page.

Law firm marketing is about building relationships.Clients come to you because they have a problem that they want you to solve. Your website needs to convince the potential client that you can do just that – solve their problem, make it go away. Clients want to know that you understand their problem, that they’re not just “another case” or “another paycheck”. They want you to help them understand what the heck is going on. The legal system is confusing and scary for them, and they need to know that you’ll take their hand and guide them through it.

Remember, it takes a mixture of tactics to improve your online marketing. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to take on this momentous task, please hire a professional.